2017 Board of Directors


Tren Bushner| Chairman


County Commissioner, Yuma County

Laura Teague I Vice Chairman


County Commissioner, Morgan County

Orville Tonsing | Treasurer


Phillips County Municipal / Town of Holyoke

Monty Torres | Secretary


City Manager, City of Brush

Logan County


Dave Donaldson


County Commissioner, Logan County

Trae Miller

Dr. Jay Lee


Logan County Economic Development

President, Northeastern Junior College

Morgan County


Greg Thomason   Morgan County Economic Development
Dawn Garcia
  Eastern Colorado Workforce Center

Phillips County

Don Lock   County Commissione, Phillips County

Sedgwick County
Howard McCormick

Mike Sullivan

Scott Sherman
County Commissioner, Sedgwick County
Sedgwick County Economic Development

Sedgwick County Municipality

Washington County

Leland Willeke

County Comissioner Washington County
George Reese  
Town of Akron
Yuma County

James DePue
Yuma County Municipality City Manager, City of Wray