Prairie Express

The Prairie Express is a fixed route system in the city of Sterling, CO that provides access to all major employers, medical facilities, retail centers and educational institutions.

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Survey Leads to Change

While the Eastern Transportation Planning Region was developing the Transit Element for the 2030 Transportation Plan, a consultant was retained to conduct random opinion surveys at many of the County Fairs. Responses from residents of Northeastern Colorado indicated that the residents didn’t use County Express because the hours of operation were not consistent with the established hours of the major employers.

Input from the human service providers, Workforce Centers, and the Departments of Humans Service indicated there was a need for expansion of hours by County Express to serve clients requiring transport to and from work.

In response to public input on the need for expansion of service, the Board of Directors authorized a grant application to the Federal Transit Administration for the Job Access Reverse Commute Program.

Recommendations from the Survey

In 2005, County Express initiated a fixed route in the City of Sterling. Based on the input from the human service agencies and individual clients, the Job Access Reverse Commute Program Long Range Plan included the following recommendations:

  • Implement a route deviation or checkpoint system in Sterling to serve the major employers, education facilities, and retail centers with frequent bus service.
  • Increase the hours of operation of County Express by five hours per day in Logan and Morgan Counties and as needed in the remaining four Counties. This expansion of hours will enable County Express to transport clients to work by 6:00 A.M. and home by 9:00 P.M. or to work for a late evening shift.

South Platte Valley Regional Transportation Authority

In November 2007, residents of the City of Sterling approved the creation of the South Platte Valley Regional Transportation Authority. The SPVRTA has contracted with County Express to operate the fixed route service in Sterling.

From January to December 2008, County Express provided the following in support of the fixed route system in the City of Sterling:

  • 11,976 trips
  • drove 68,924 miles
  • operated 4,876 hours

(please note: these totals are included in the aggregate totals for County Express)